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The Crystalline Moon

Floral Smoke Bundles

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Each of these floral bundles were created with care + intention.

•Rosemary w/Roses
•White Sage, Rosemary + Roses.
•Mountain Sage + Dragons blood powder + Red Roses.

White Sage is considered a sacred plant with the ability to cleanse, protect + purify. It has been used for years in ancient rituals + has a very therapeutic + calming aroma.
Rosemary is a powerful cleansing herb for your home + your aura. It’s associated with fire, the sun, + masculine energy. It’s believed to provide mental clarity, enhance memory, protect from negative energy + open your heart.
Roses are associated with Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love + Beauty + the archetype of Venus. In Egyptian tradition, rose is associated with Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of magic, love + wisdom. It’s a powerful tonic for your heart chakra, helping to open you up to both giving + receiving unconditional love.

Mountain Sage dispels negative energy and infuses healing energy. It strengthens the mind and rejuvenates in times of exhaustion.<br /><br />In American Hoodoo, African-American folk magic, and New Orleans voodoo, Dragon's Blood is used in mojo hands for money-drawing or love-drawing, and is used as incense to cleanse a space of negative entities or influences. It is also added to red ink to make "Dragon's Blood Ink", which is used to inscribe magical seals and talismans. The red resin of Dragon's Blood was used in ancient times as varnish, medicine, incense, and dye.

Before lighting, please remove any crystals or extra items for safe keeping.

Should you chose to burn your floral herb bundles, Please do so with care! Do not burn around anything flammable or leave unattended while burning. Make sure to place your bundle in a fire safe dish/bowl/burner/wand after it is lit to prevent any accidents.
***Do NOT leave your burning bundle unattended!***
To light your bundle, place the tip over a flame and allow it to ignite for a few seconds and then blow the flame out. You want the bundle to smoke, but not be aflame.
When you are finished burning your herb bundle, make sure it is completely out (you can spritz with water to ensure) and place in a fire proof container for extra safe keeping. Please burn responsibly!

*The Crystalline Moon™️ Is not responsible or held liable for any damages caused by burning these bundles irresponsibly.