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The Crystalline Moon

Awaken Your Intuition Mala

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Awaken your Intuition Mala

This 100 bead non-traditional mala is made with:

Blue Kyanite for its high vibration, chakra clearing + aligning, and tranquility.

Angelite for connecting with the Divine + angelic, protection, and peace.

White Onyx for purifying negative energy, helps you master your own energy, and to discern + Align yourself with higher powers.

Matte Clear Quartz the master healer for energizing + activating your chakras & increasing spiritual wisdom.

Selenite for unblocking stagnant energy, cleansing + charging the other crystals, and protection.

Tourmalated Quartz guru for shielding from negative energy, psychic protection, and unlocking energy blockages in the body.

And it’s finished with a 3.5in silky white tassel.

If you are in need of some assistance with helping to open up and awaken your intuition, then this mala goddess is your guide.