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Intention is an integral part of our daily lives. Your jewelry should reflect + amplify your intentions. Don't just look good, FEEL good too!

I intuitively create intentional luxurious pieces that will absolutely raise your vibration + your confidence.

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  • Gabriella Meghan

    If you like avid travelers, poetic authors + coffee enthusiasts - then you'll love her content!

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  • Mish Jolie

    If you love all things HAIR + Rockin Style, then you'll love this Salon Owning, Hair Educating + Oily Life advocating Brunette Balayage Queen.

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  • Daniela N

    The magic + love Samantha puts into everything she creates, is felt as soon as you hold it in your hands! From the oracle cards to the gorgeous one of a kind malas, oce you get something for yourself, it is hard not to want to share her magic with the world!

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